How to find forgot Wifi password on Windows and Mac

how to find wifi password on windows and mac
Here you can find forgot WiFi password on Windows and Mac

How to find wifi password – Forgot Wifi password is the common problem of a Wifi user. If you use Wifi internet on your device and you feel that “I forgot my wifi password”. Then you want to recover wifi password and you are searching on search engines like how to find wifi password and how to find my wifi password in Windows and Mac. Then you are in the right place.


How to see WiFi password on android without root

Hello friends, Here I’m going to share with you that “how to find wifi password in Windows and Mac” in this article. If you want to recover your forgot WiFi password then follow these steps.

How to find forgot Wifi password on Windows and Mac

Here I’m going to tell you about recover your wifi password using Wifi Router,  Android, Windows and Mac step by step.

Find Wifi password in Windows

This method will only work if security is set up individually. If you are connected to the enterprise network, such as office Wi-Fi then this method will not show a password.

1. Connect to WiFi from your computer/laptop. Now go to the Control Panel and tap on Network and Sharing Center.

2. Then click on Change Adapter Settings.

3. In it you will find some options, right click on the WiFi you are using, then tap on the states.

4. Then click on Wireless Properties.

5. After this, where you will get connection and security option, click on the Security tab.

6. After clicking on it, you have to click Network Security.

7. Tap on Show Characters just below it, now your password will be in front of you.

Find Wifi password using Router

Let us know that in order to know the password, it is important that you connect to the network, if you are not connected to the router’s network, then you will not be able to know the password. Along with this, if you have already tampered with the router’s settings, then the entire network gets stumped and the password cannot be recovered.

1- Open the browser in the computer/laptop and go to its local address.

2- Here you have to enter a username and password.

3- After login, a window will open. After clicking on the Internet, tap on Wireless.

4- There will be a window that will have options like WPA, wireless network and network password. At the same time, the option of show network password will also be given below the network password.

5- You will get your WiFi password once you click on the show network.

Note: Setup for each Router and PC is different, so if your password is not recoverable then the TechieHow will not be responsible for it.

Find Wifi password in Mac

1. First, go to the application/utility option.

2. Click on Keychain Axis in there.

3. From the list, select the network that you need to remove the password.

4. Once you find the network, double-click on it, you will need to go to show password option. You will find the password written there.

Final Word: Here you can use these methods for finding forgot Wifi password.


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