How to enable YouTube Dark mode feature on Android

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Youtube is the most popular video streaming platform in the world. The Dark Mode feature of YouTube is now rolled out to all Android users. I’m going to tell you about Youtube’s dark mode feature that how to enable YouTube dark mode on Android. If you want to know, so you can follow these steps;

What is dark mode feature?

Talk about Youtube’s Dark Mode feature, due to this feature, watching videos on YouTube will not cause the users to stretch their eyes. Because of which, users can easily take advantage of late videos. In particular, while streaming video in the night or in the dark, there is a lot of emphasis on the eyes of the users. Users in the Standard mode have pain in their eyes and users can not watch the video for a long time. After enabling dark mode feature, users will not have any effect on the eyes.

How to Enable Youtube Dark Mode

1. In order to activate or activate the Youtube’s Dark Mode feature, first, download the YouTube app’s latest update to your Android device.

2. After the users click on their profile.

3. Now go to “Youtube Settings” and select “General” option.

Activate youtube dark mode feature

4. After it select Dark theme and tap on it to activate/enable.

5. Now you enjoy and watch videos in dark mode on your android phone.

In this way, all android users enable youtube dark mode on Android. I hope that you like my article how to enable youtube dark mode on Android. 


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