6 Quick Ways To Earn Money From WhatsApp Daily

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Apart from Texting and Chating on WhatsApp, you can now earn money. For this, you have to promote from product to app.

6 quick ways to earn money from WhatsApp is real. You can make money from WhatsApp $10 to $50 daily real money. 

Apart from Texting and Chating on WhatsApp, you can now earn money. For this, you have to promote from product to app.

Today’s time there is many of the simplest ways to make money using WhatsApp on the Internet. Here “6 quick ways to earn money from WhatsApp” at your home. To those who are not using WhatsApp a good news for them as well that you can earn money from WhatsApp.


If you use Whatsapp then Here, I’m going to tell you how to earn money from home using Whatsapp.

6 Quick ways to earn money from WhatsApp

1. Viral content and Shorten URl

There are many websites where you get money when promoting content. You can go to these websites and generate ‘Shorten URl‘ for any content. After this, you can share this link with your friends on your WhatsApp page. When someone clicks on your link, you will be given a fixed amount from the company.

Step 1: Visit URL-shortening websites (for example https://shorte.st/)

Step 2: Register your account via Facebook or email.

Step 3: Copy the URL of any article or webpage and go to the website and paste it and click the SHORTEN URL.

Step 4: Now copy the shortened URL.

Step 5: Share this URL with whitespace with as many people as possible. The more people click on the link, the more money you earn.

Highest Paying URL Shorten Sites;

  • ClicksFly
  • AdF.ly
  • Shink.in
  • linkshrink.net
  • shorte.st

You can make money $10 to 20$ daily from these URL shortening sites.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a platform where you promote a particular product of any company. Amazon and Flipkart is the platform for a great affiliate marketing. You have to choose a product that you want to promote. After this, you will get an ‘Affiliate URL‘. Share this URL with your maximum number of Whatsapp Contacts. When someone purchases that product through this, the company will give you a fixed commission of that product.

how to make money from whatsapp

Steps To earn money from Affiliate Marketing;

1. Create an affiliate account on Amazon, Flipkart and many more.
2. Choose any product, create a short-link.
3. And send this link on every group and contact you have.
4. If any buy product from your link you will get a good amount of commission.

3. Reselling

Product reselling on WhatsApp is the best way to make money from home without investment. You can sell clothes on WhatsApp. Meesho is the best app to reselling.

  • For this download Meesho App from play store.
  • Create your account and select the product you want to sell.
  • Share images on your WhatsApp group first.
  • If any WhatsApp users keep interest to buy your product then contact you. You can add your margin and deliver product him home.

4. Sell your products

Sell your own products on Whatsapp. If you a shopkeeper and want to sell products on Whatsapp then this is the best way for you.

5. PPD Network

With PPD (Pay Per Download) you can earn by whopping off. For this you have to upload your file, when a user downloads your file, you will get a fixed amount in return. For example go to Uplod.org and upload your file (Music, Video, Photo etc.). The company will give you a fixed amount as soon as a user downloads your file.

10 best PPD sites;

  • Uplod.org
  • FileIce.net
  • UsersCloud
  • AdscendMedia
  • Uploadsmith
  • DollarUpload
  • ShareCash
  • Indishare.me
  • UploadOcean
  • Daily Uploads

6. App promotion ( Refer & Earn )

App promotion does not get your money, but free recharge, petty cash or any offer. You have to send the link of the app to your Whiteside’s friends. When a user downloads the app via that link, you will be given some offers from the app.


Eventually, I have shared you all the tricks which will help you to earn more money through WhatsApp without putting hard effort. I recommend you to join WhatsApp and share the content as much as you can. In this way, you can earn money from WhatsApp and gain some big amount.


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