5 Clever ways to make your YouTube video go viral

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Trend your video on YouTube and make your Youtube video go viral is not hard.

Trend your video on YouTube and make your Youtube video go viral is not hard because these days, the largest online video is being watched on Youtube.

Nowadays the number of Youtubers has increased. Most of the youths are doing well by uploading videos to YouTube. But just by uploading the video you do not pay YouTube money. You can earn a lot of money when your video sees more and more users. For this, you have to trend your videos on YouTube.

Hello Guys, Here I’m going to tell you “5 clever ways to make your YouTube video go viral” in this article. If you want to viral Youtube video, So you can follow these clever ways.

5 ways to make your YouTube Video go viral

1. Keep uploading video while thinking of a description

Video description is the most important to go viral. To make a video trending it is necessary to write a description of at least 300 words about the video. The better you are about to describe the video, the chances of trends are much more. Apart from this, you can also add a link to your popular video in the description. So that users can see it by clicking on the link to that video too.

2. Keep tags and keywords carefully

Tags and Keywords are very necessary to make the video viral. Any video will be viral only when more and more people will see it and people will only see when trading keywords and tags are placed in the video. Therefore, whenever you upload a video on Youtube, then enter the trending keyword and tags.

3. Keep video thumbnails special

To make the video viral, its thumbnail (the photo that appears before the video starts) is great and clickable, because seeing your thumbnails, you and we click on a video. Always make thumbnails so that the user is forced to click on it.

You can watch this video;  How to make your video go VIRAL: 10 easy tips

4. Edit and export your video with title

If you use a smartphone to upload a video on youtube, so you export it with the title first, do not export without a title.

5. Share on social media

For any video to be viral it is necessary to reach the social media. Unless your video is shared on social media, it will not be viral and will not trends.

Share Video on these social media;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google +
  • Reddit

On Youtube, you can create your own channel and upload videos, and with the help of these ways, you can trend your videos on YouTube and make your YouTube video go viral…….


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