2 Things You Must Know About ANDROID ONE

2 things must know about android Android One, what is android one, android one,

Here, 2 things you must know about Android One. The world’s largest operating system is Android. By May 2017, Android had 2 billion active users. One of the major reasons for the success of Android is its flexibility. Many smartphone maker companies provide their own screen (for example Huawei’s EMUI or LG’s UX) by adopting the Android Framework.

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If seen, Android’s update rate is very low. As of October 2018, only 19.2 percent of Android users’ devices have been updated on the Android 8.0 Aero. In order to solve this problem, Google introduced an affordable version of Android i.e. Android One. In this version, users get updates very quickly. Here I’m going to tell you about 2 things you must know about Android One.


2 things must know about Android One, what is android one,

Android One is a Google program. It can be called the affordable version of Android. This stock is very similar to Android. The phone equipped with this version has only a few Google apps required. At the same time, there are some basic features in phone software. The closer it was to Google’s Android vision, the closer it was to be brought, the closer it was brought. It was launched in 2014. It was introduced for entry-level Android devices. But as fast as Android continues to grow, Android One is also required to grow. This led to Android Go introduced in May 2017. This is a lighter version of Android than ever before. It is designed for entry-level devices which also save mobile data.

2 Things You Must Know About ANDROID ONE

First Things: An Android One smartphone will support many Google applications including Google Assistant, Google Lens. Not only this, the latest features of Android 9.0 Pie will also be supported.

Second Things: The second big reason is the speed to use Android One phones. Every Android One phone has been guaranteed security updates for three years. Also claiming to have major Android release updates for two years. That means if you are buying a phone equipped with Android 8.1 Aero, then that phone will also get an Android 9.0 Pie and Android Q update.

Android One phone is different from Android phones

Now let’s see how different Android One phones are with other Android phones, while other Android phones also use Google’s Android. In addition to the Nexus phones, all Android phones use Google’s Android. The Nexus phones use AOSP version of Android.

Different phone companies take ‘AOSP version’ and put their user interface and apps into it. They also combine and remove features. The result is that you do not have Android that Google wants. This Android is what Samsung, LG or HTC want.

This customization is done in high-end phones but it does not happen with the low-end device, nor is there a powerful hardware, so its performance is not good.

Android One is different. At the same time, with the similarity to the regular version of Android, there is additional customization that makes low-end hardware suitable for users too. Second, there are no third party user interfaces or unnecessary features. This version of Android is made by Google. That means when you buy an Android One phone, you will get Android version of Google’s design rather than Micromax, Spice or any other.

The company is responsible for the hardware and software used in the device with the Normal Android phone. Google itself is on the driver seat for the Android One phone. It chooses the same hardware and software. Google is responsible for providing software updates in Android One phones.


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